Why You Need An Employment Solicitor

Many people hear the words employment solicitors and the first thing that comes to their mind is employment. Well, the employment lawyer has a lot to do with employment but the thing is that this expert does not run an employment agency. The employment lawyer is not in business to help you get a job. However, this legal expert can help you in many ways if you already have a job. Below are some things employment solicitors can do for you.  

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Signing Employment Contracts

You are about to get that dream job and you are over the moon because the terms are great. Now, before you sign that employment contract, it makes sense to have your employment lawyer go over the documents. Now, this is not to say that your would-be employer is dishonest or out to cheat you. The problem here is that sometimes employers try to play fast and loose with the law. They might have some time bombs hidden in the small print and if you sign the employment contract, you might have some regrets in future. Just have your employment attorney look over the contract before you sign and there will be no regrets in future. 

Dispute Resolution

When you have a dispute with your employer, there is only one person to consult and that is the employment expert. Now, a dispute with your employer is a dangerous thing. At this point, all the bets are off because the employer cannot be trusted to play by the rules. Do not sign any documents under duress and do not accept any out-of-court settlements from your employer. Consult an experienced and competent employment attorney immediately. Tell this expert all the facts of the case and make it clear that you want justice. Your lawyer will advise you on the best course of action to take.  

Bullying and Harassment

Sometimes, an employment lawyer can help you even when the case does not involve dismissal or termination of appointment. If you are a victim of bullying or harassment in the workplace, you should consult an employment lawyer. This expert will listen to your side of the story and offer you excellent advice. In case your rights and privileges have been breached by your employer or any employees in the workplace, your lawyer will ensure that you get justice in court or out of court.  

Wrongful Dismissal

In cases where you feel you have been dismissed unfairly, your employment lawyer will look into the case and give the right advice on the way forward. Matters like redundancy, unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal are best handled by an experienced employment attorney. Talk to a qualified expert and this legal expert will help you get justice. 

discrimination at work

In cases where you are a victim of discrimination or any other form of social injustice in your workplace, your employment attorney will definitely help you. There are strict laws regarding workplace discrimination and the law frowns at unjust treatment of workers on the grounds of race, sex or disability. Talk to an experienced lawyer and you will get justice and even compensation.